Music files for Igor Zhukov, piano

Igor Zhukov played a number of recitals in March 1996 with this programme:

Alexander Scriabin:           24 Preludes Op. 11

Frédéric Chopin:                24 Préludes Op. 28

The recording was made in the Stadthalle of Erlangen and here are the music files:



In 1998 he played the Scriabin Piano concerto in Detroit together with his old friend Neeme Järvi. Prior to this concert, Arthur Greene invited Igor Zhukov to play a recital at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Here Zhukov played the Scriabin 2nd and 3rd Sonata and the Chopin 2nd and 3rd sonata. I recorded this recital and here is the file for the Chopin 3rd sonata which I think is one of the best recordings of this piece ever:


For years Igor Zhukov played chamber music with the violinist Grigory Feigin and cellist Valentin Feigin. They made lots of recordings and one of the most heartbreaking is the one with the Shostakovich piano trio Op. 67. Here it is:


One of the most memorable collabarations with other musicians were his recording session with Gennady Rozhdestvensky. In 1967 they recorded the uncut version of the Tchaikovsky 2nd piano concerto, a recording that is unsurpassed in its virtuosity, vehemence, clarity and brilliance.


In 1996 Igor Zhukov celebrated his 60th birthday in the beautiful Alpine village of Aschau with a recital for his friends. For the first time he played Alban Berg's Piano Sonata in a live recital and I have preserved this on tape. Unfortunately, the first few bars are missing and since he omitted the repeat of the first section, there is no way to patch the performance. It is sad, but the performance in itself is of such brooding intensity that it deserves to be heard:

Alban Berg: Sonata Op. 1

In the same recital he played Ravel's own transcription of the orchestral firework "La Valse". Igor Zhukov added some voices that are present in the orchestra version, but have been omitted by Ravel in the transcription. What he hear is an intense and very dramatic performance of piano fireworks. Truly a very slow beginning, but of such intensity that holds through the entire piece.

That is, until the very last bar, which unfortunately - just like in the Berg Sonata - was eaten by the tape. Still, the performance is so intense that it too needs to be listened to.

Maurice Ravel: La Valse

In May 1997 Igor Zhukov played the complete set of 10 Scriabin sonatas in two recitals in Berlin. The location was the Rathaus Schöneberg, the very place John F. Kennedy held his famous "Ich bin ein Berliner!" speech. Zhukov chose to play the sonatas not in chronological series and I am going to present a selection of sonatas and the Fantasy here. The recital performances were quite different from his later Telos recordings, which to some are too broodingly slow. The piano is a wonderful Steinway D and it has been prepared by Berlin's chief technician, Mr. Thomas Hübsch.

Alexander Scriabin: Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 19
Alexander Scriabin: Piano Sonatas No. 7 Op. 64 and No. 9 Op. 68
Alexander Scriabin: Fantasy b-minor Op. 28